In the midst of Vancouver, British Columbia is where I follow my fascination for calligraphy and design. I am drawn to beautifully written text as it is a practice that encourages patience and illustrates intention; simple gestures that are sometimes forgotten in today’s technology-driven world. With my endless curiosity for design aesthetics, product development, and sustainability, I will remain a student-for-life as I strive to grow with this art.

Creating paper-goods is something that dates back to my elementary years when I started sharing my craft with friends and relatives who saw uniqueness in my products. I believe that personal and event stationery is an expression of individual style. My modern take on the traditional practice of calligraphy produces designs that are chic and simple, that I hope will leave a lasting impression.

LetterLust Design is where I fantasize in ink.
It is an opportunity to share results of my combined passions with you. I am equally enthusiastic about working with fresh faces because I believe different faucets of creativity can merge to produce breathtaking results, whether it is an event, invitation, or logo. It brings me much joy to use quality and sustainable materials to create beautiful designs that stem from my own or my client’s vision.

So please, say hello, and let’s see what we can dream up together.

Tanya Truong